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Solid Waste Management & Sanitation Operation

Providing good solid waste management (SWM) and sanitation services while ensuring the system's financial sustainability continues to be a significant challenge for municipalities worldwide.


The quality and coverage of these services are determined to a large extent by the amount of funding available for the collection, transport, disposal, and recycling of waste.

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At ACS, we team up with SWM companies, municipalities, regulators, and donor agencies to ensure financial sustainability through innovative design of cost and revenue structures. Our strategic and financial modeling assist with capital investment decisions such as designing and building recycling centers, acquiring landfills and other facilities, and buying collection vehicles, compactors, and other equipment. We create long-term sustainability-focused financial forecasts and help optimize the service tariffs.

CAPEX Financial Modeling

Revenue & Cost Modeling

Tariff Design & Optimization

Long-term Forecasts & Sustainability Analysis

Cross Subsidies Design & Modeling

Technology Stack & Implementation Mechanisms Design

Independent Operator Bid Evaluation

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