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Finance Strategy


Develop a clear vision and a winning strategy for your finance function

Today’s CFOs need to transform their Finance function strategically. Top CFOs are re-calibrating control and are focusing on opportunities that create value. Reducing their reporting relationships, investing in operations, and pushing Finance professionals closer to business decision-makers, CFOs are strategically transforming the Finance function.

How ACS can help with developing a winning finance strategy?


As today’s finance functions work hard to provide even deeper value to their business, they are shifting their focus outward to activities that support better decision making and performance.

They must create efficiencies to gather and process basic financial data, and continue to deliver traditional financial outputs – while at the same time redeploying limited resources to strategic activities.

What are the business goals & aspirations?

Understand goals and aspirations of Finance

Understand strategic context

Where do we play?

 Assess performance and capabilities

 Understand stakeholder expectations

At ACS, we deploy a robust, data-driven approach for conducting Finance Strategy engagements with a set of clearly defined objectives, activities and outcomes that takes you from strategic alignment, development of a clear Finance vision and a defined set of actions to achieve the vision. The approach consists of the following steps:

How will we win?

Define the Finance vision and strategic objectives

How will we configure?

Define Finance operating model

 Identify & prioritize change initiatives

How will we implement?

 Develop roadmap and high level business case

Mobilize for implementation

What results can you expect

There are a number of benefits a Finance Strategy Assessment can bring to a company. Whether they impact your organization (both Finance and/or enterprise), policies & processes or the underlying technology, a Finance strategy assessment helps to pave the road for a sustainable Finance transformation. Below is a list of potential benefits:

Subtle Shapes Transparent

Defining a clear picture of where Finance wants to go

Clarifying the change initiatives that needs to be implemented to get there

Developing an actionable Finance transformation road map that prioritizes and plan the change initiatives

Less dependency on individuals, increased job satisfaction and higher morale as well as better opportunities for retaining, developing and attracting the right people

An easy way to understand and communicate where the Finance function is heading

A balanced focus on control, efficiency, performance and execution

Build on insights from business context, stakeholders expectations and own performance and capabilities

A realistic view on where to invest to improve Finance – and where not to…

Set target performance levels that are ambitious, yet realistic in the given time horizon

It integrates worldwide best practices

Pushing Finance people closer and closer to business decision-makers

To align and resource the Finance function to serve the needs of the business better

Focus on opportunities to create value

At ACS, we work with our clients to enhance the operation of their finance functions, their value to the business, and to position their finance teams for lasting success.

We focus on the key elements of transformational change required to position finance as a trusted advisor. Specifically:

Establishing a Finance Target Operating Model that defines the finance organization of the future

Deploying EPM Solutions to enhance the return on investments in ERP systems; data warehouse tools and business intelligence capabilities to provide a comprehensive, integrated decision support platform that can enable finance teams to provide significant business support and value


Harnessing Business intelligence tools and data analytics techniques to provide more meaningful, forward-looking financial forecasts, predict and manage risk, and identify new market opportunities


Developing cost models that allow finance organizations to understand the cost of activities, providing greater insight into funding decisions


Supporting an efficient public sector through financial management services targeted at budgeting, reporting, financial modelling and automation. Services are designed to enhance financial processes and ensure compliance with financial reporting rules and accounting standards


Taking LEAN finance principles and practices to drive the required process efficiencies


Rethinking the use of shared services and outsourcing to implement more strategic, mixed sourcing practices and migrating certain higher-value activities


Helping clients use Robotics Process Automation services to derive both immediate and long-term value via gains in service quality, speed, consistency of results, efficiency, productivity, and agility, coupled with significant cost reduction


Aligning Risk and Finance functions to enable business decisions to strike the right balance between risk and reward considerations, and create a more sustainable financial reporting environment.

Take the next step towards creating
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