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Transform your finance infrastructure to deliver business insight, transparency, efficiency, and value


The introduction of new technologies, increased volumes of data, regulatory changes, and the need to deliver more for less adds to the pressure on CFOs and Finance Directors. Finance functions must pivot from transaction processing and reporting towards strategic business support to drive profitable growth, reduce costs, and assume a broader set of strategic responsibilities within the enterprise.

At ACS, we help clients transform their finance function to be a more effective partner to the business by providing change management consulting, creating insights to support strategic decisions, mitigate risk, and driving efficiency through technology innovation, process and reporting, and optimized controllership activities and managed services..

The role and expectations of the finance function are ever-evolving through constant change and disruptive trends. In a rapidly changing marketplace, the finance function has a key role to play in delivering efficiency, insight and value to the business.

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ACS’s Finance Transformation practice supports the full agenda of the CFO. We help strengthen the performance of the finance function by focusing on the questions that global finance leaders tell us are their priority:

How the finance operating model needs to evolve to meet future needs of the business?

How to increase focus on value creation?

What skills and capabilities are required for the future, and how to best access them?

How to turn data into actionable insights for performance management and capital allocation?

How to improve on the transparency and integrity of data/information?

How to use digital solutions and analytics to enable profitable growth?

How to create a more cost-effective and resilient finance function?

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The pathway to transform your finance function

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How ACS can help with your finance transformation

The role and expectations of the finance function are ever-evolving through constant change and disruptive trends. World events along with technology advances are combining to give the finance function its time to shine. As C-suite internal needs and external expectations skyrocket, organizations must turn to new thinking regarding the finance function to raise its ambition for the future or risk having it serve as a compliance exercise.

As you look to cut costs by automating repetitive processes and recruiting new analytic resources needed to upskill the finance function, you require a holistic view of what’s needed and the best options available to address those needs.

ACS's approach to transform the finance function into a strategic business partner leverages emerging technologies to unlock the value of digital finance. Our core offerings provide the ability for organizations to realize leading capabilities for their finance functions quickly and strategically in a global fast-paced business environment.

It’s time to look at your finance function through a new lens - strategically design processes that leverage automation to meet transactional and reporting requirements and layer in advanced analytics to identify opportunities, build trust and deliver value.

Our human-led tech-powered approach can help you look at problems from new angles to reimagine your finance function beyond the boundaries of today. That’s The New Equation.

An end-to-end journey to sustain your success

 Clarity of vision 

You can trust us to help you establish your future-state vision and then define, design and build your future-state operating model, processes and enabling technology. With our integrated approach, we create a learning loop that informs each next step of the process, building confidence and internal momentum and delivering business value along the way.

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Transparency and insight

Advanced technology has made it possible to position your finance function to add more value by delivering insight, transparency and risk controls in a cost effective manner. The same data needed to comply with regulatory requirements is highly valuable when applied through new lenses across the organization.


Sustained outcomes

Our community of solvers will help you design a strategy for modernizing your finance function and then stay with you throughout the entire process to design and build the solution and then refine it over time. Our human-led tech-powered approach will drive value and help you sustain success over the long term.

We have the tools and solutions to meet you where you are in the finance transformation journey, through the four areas outlined below


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Create a blueprint of your modern Finance vision and strategy that will transform your people, processes and technology aimed at helping to cut costs, and improve operational effectiveness and capabilities.

Develop and implement a future global service delivery model, including shared service centers, outsourcing, centers of excellence, and agile finance teams

Explore the “art of the possible” of a modern Finance function, through interactive and hands-on workshops designed to help your team rapidly innovate and transform

Benchmark against your peers on effectiveness, maturity and costs of your Finance function


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