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ACS Public Sector Consultants and Experts Team

ACS public sector consultants and industry experts work with governments, companies, and organizations globally to provide solutions for economic development, urban infrastructure, and agency transformation.

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Dr. Nasir Javed

Head of Public Sector Consulting South Asia

Dr. Nasir Javed is an urban development specialist focusing on civic services, the environment, and sustainability in developing economies. Dr Javed has led several public sector organizations. As a consultant, he has managed and led diverse teams on the design and institutional arrangements for urban waste collection, environmental management, waste treatment, and landfill sites, mainly in the public sector, including those sponsored by the Asian Development Bank, JICA, and USAID.

Dr. Javed heads the team of public sector consultants at ACS, acting as a bridge between the finance consultants, urban experts, city governments, and developers.

A few select projects Dr. Nasir delivered under his capable guidance


ADB Financed KPCIP Project Phase One

South Asia

Team Lead for the Master Planning and system design, including project preparation for Solid Waste Management in five South Asian cities, including collection, transport, recycling, biogas generation, RDF, and landfill design. The project included detailed financial modeling and financial sustainability planning and analysis.

ADB Financed KPCIP Project Phase Two

South Asia

Team lead for Institutional Review and Capacity Building consultancy assignment. Heading a team of 28 International and national consultants for the ADB financed 680m USD project with critical components of:

Solid Waste Management and Sanitation

Water Supply

The Project included designing and managing five sanitary landfill sites and waste segregation/treatment plants, with the goal of full resource recovery and minimum GHG emissions, in line with the INDCs under the Paris Agreement.

Design, construction, and operational management of surface water supply schemes. Improvement in network and distribution system of water supply in four cities. The assignment included institutional design, tariff rationalization, financial sustainability, and institutional strengthening.

ADB Financed PICIIP Project – South Asia

Institutional Team Lead for the Solid Waste Management Master planning and detailed design for collection and treatment/disposal facilities, leading to minimum landfilling and GHG emissions and maximum resource recovery under the ADB-financed Intermediate Cities Improvement Project.

World Bank Financed Integrated Development and Asset Management Plan – South Asia

Team Lead for developing IDAMP (Integrated Development and Asset Management Plan) framework and drafting plans for 16 Municipalities (city governments in 16 cities) in South Asia. The Project included developing a GIS-based Asset Management and Decision Support System.

Transaction Advisory Services for the outsourcing of Solid Waste Management South Asia

Team Lead for the Transaction Advisory Services for Outsourcing Solid Waste Management in a mega South Asian City. The project included system design, detailed cost and revenue modeling, and procurement of contractors.

Smart City Masterplan Development 

South Asia

Team Lead for developing a Smart City Master Plan for a mega South Asian City.

World Bank Financed - Institutional Assessment and Regulatory Review of Slums in South Asia

Team-lead for World Bank financed project on ‘institutional assessment and regulatory review of Slums in South Asia, including studying the urban services and land Regularization.

Team Lead. FCDO financed Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Program.

FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office UK) Financed Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Program South Asia

FCDO sponsored Subnational Governance Program – South Asia

Team Lead for a year-long assignment on GIS-enabled property valuation for urban properties. As part of the smart city concept, the project included a physical survey of 3,000 urban property units, with GIS mapping and developing a semi-automated objective property valuation system for taxation and property acquisition purposes.


Core consultant.

ADB Financed Development of Climate Resilient National Urban Policy – South Asia

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