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Elevate your modeling with expert consultancy

Model Build and Data Analytics

Transaction Modelling

Transaction Modelling

A robust and flexible financial model is a critical tool for assessing the impact of strategic choices upon your business, as well as for raising finance or investment.

AT ACS, we work with companies, corporate development function heads, and M&A consultants, to construct innovative, bespoke financial models across a broad range of industries and sectors.


We have extensive experience in model build, which we use in parallel with our understanding of investment metrics, financial economics, accounting standards and funding terms to build a fully-fledged dynamic model.


Our models balance granularity and simplicity so they are easy to navigate, flexible and tailored to your needs. We will meet your business requirements without adding unnecessary detail, giving you confidence with a familiar, functional style and easy to follow logic.

t.m long term

Transaction models with long term value

Our custom-built models are created specifically for your business, incorporating your underlying drivers. We create our models to have the ability to serve a dual purpose – both for immediate transaction needs and providing long-term value as an ongoing management tool, beyond a transaction. Working with ACS, you will benefit from:

A bespoke design for your operations and business fundamentals

User friendly focus with logical design and structure

Management account alignment for straightforward updating of results

Traceability and use of simple formula, enabling checks and diligence

Detailed scoping and design to capture the appropriate level of granularity

Key checks giving confidence to model integrity and outputs

Variance analysis of actual performance against budget

Relevant KPI and financial analysis

Application of complex accounting treatments

Working capital modelling, relevant to your business

Flexible and easy to use drivers, allowing potential investors to flex scenarios with ease

Transaction only model / deal overlay

Our transaction models can be configured with client's existing operational model to help you manage any transaction. This is capable of incorporating: 

TM deal overlay

Returns analysis for existing management and incoming investors

Dashboard presentation enabling quick changes to deal structure as it progresses

Key sensitivities applied to underlying operations

Meaningful scenario analysis

Calculation of bank covenants, assisting debt limits and negotiations

User friendly dashboards and charts for use in board presentations

Debt financing overlay

Similar to the deal overlay, our debt overlay models can be configured with a client's existing operational model to help you manage the raising of new finance or a refinance on existing debt. This can feature:

debt facing overlay

Scenarios to enable quick changes to debt structure as discussions progress

Evaluate the impact of refinancing

Bank covenants calculated assisting debt limits and negotiations

Ability to demonstrate ongoing compliance with banking covenants

User friendly dashboards and charts for use in board presentations

scenario sensitive

Scenario / sensitivity analysis

Our models have the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of scenarios and sensitivities. Scenario analysis can be integrated into either an operational model or management tool, as well as a transaction-only model.

We also create summary dashboards of key outputs from the various scenarios for easy comparison.

Operational modeling

Operational Modelling

Making the right decision is key for the growth and performance of your business

Data analytics.jpg

Our operational modelling services enable you to flex the operational drivers of your business for strategic decision-making and scenario analysis.


As with all our services, our operational models are crafted to suit your unique requirements. We excel at offering solutions that assist you in navigating uncertainties facing your business.


Our operational models help you understand the impact of internal and external factors on your business, enabling you to make better, more informed decisions that drive success.

Integrated threestatrement

Integrated three statement financial modelling

Our bespoke financial models can be built with many uses and objectives in mind. We can capture any level of segmental reporting required, for example geography, branch, SBU, SKU, etc. Our models also include intuitive and easy to use dashboards to assist with ongoing KPI management and reporting to appropriate stakeholders.

Supply chain and logistics modelling

These models are designed to help understand the impact of various aspects of a business’ supply chain. This may include:

supply chain

Stock availability and lead times

Considerations for utilizing suppliers in different regions, such as taxes, delivery charges and timeframes

Satisfying minimum order quantities and future demand whilst minimizing holding costs

Analysis of how different supplier mixes can impact performance

Portfolio analysis

Portfolio analysis

Our portfolio models enable users and stakeholders to better understand the impact that a number of contributory factors can have on the portfolio value. This can include the impact of foreign currency movements, haircuts on target IRR, varied holding periods and other macroeconomic factors. The outputs of the model clearly outline the return expected under different scenarios, considering both ongoing returns and expected returns on divestment.

options appraisal

Options appraisals

Our options appraisal models are designed to help decision makers evaluate the pros and cons of a range of options and assess the impact each has on future performance, profitability and cash conversion.

Financial viability and resilience

Financial viability and resilience

We design these models to help understand the resilience of a business against a range of sensitivities and one-off shocks. This can include:

Sector specific changes, such as price shifts in the market as a whole

Business focused impacts, such as the loss of a key customer

Macroeconomic, including inflation and interest rate pressure

Data Analytics and Visualisation

Data Analytics and Visualisation

We enable our clients to see their data in a whole new way; Identifying trends, optimizing their operations and performance, and making better and more informed decisions than ever before.

With our ongoing analytics and reporting services this means that you'll always have the latest insights to help you make better decisions. We will help you gather and transform your data into dynamic and intelligent visualizations, these visualizations will be accessible on laptops and mobile devices, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.


We know that data analytics can be a daunting task. We're here to make it easy for you. We'll take care of everything, so you can focus on running your business while benefiting from value creation from a professionalized data analytics solution.

increased efficiency

Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Our experienced data analytics and visualization team create bespoke solutions for our clients which automate tasks, identify areas of inefficiency, and streamline processes. Through automation and modernization, data analytics and reporting with cloud-based business intelligence tools becomes quicker and easier, returning time and cost to our clients to focus on more strategic work.

Improved decision-making

Improved decision-making

By providing insights into existing commercial data, our experienced team help our clients make better and quicker decisions about their operations using intelligent data driven insights. When combined with a good financial model, deep historic data analytics also allows for better predictive forecasting with robust supporting evidence for future business assumptions.

Scalability and ease of use

Scalability and ease of use

Our bespoke solutions are designed by experts in data analytics and visualization who ensure that the process is automated, robust, and transparent. Reports are then produced in a user friendly and intuitive manner to best present key information as quickly as possible. The scalable nature of our methodology means that these reports can easily be adapted to the needs of growing businesses.

360-degree transaction enablement

360-degree transaction enablement

Leveraging data analytics in preparation for a transaction enables the understanding of the full value creation potential, reinforcing the equity story. It gives greater confidence to all stakeholders and supports better negotiations, whilst also optimizing business reporting post transaction allowing management teams to focus on delivering value for the business.

Please download our brochure for more information about our model build and data analytics services and credentials.

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