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Public Sector Consulting

Supporting sustainable development, transparency, accountability, and more efficient performance in the public sector

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What we do

Public sector organizations are facing increasing pressures to become more efficient and effective. i.e., they face pressure to deliver more for their citizens and become more cost efficient. Providing better services to citizens means being agile, responsive, and capable of solving complex problems innovatively.

At ACS, we assist government ministries and municipal governments with the development of sustainable financial management models and the effective implementation of large-scale infrastructure development projects, institutional transformation, and civic services provision initiatives.

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Cities, Transport and urban

Cities, Transport & Urban Infrastructure

We combine our strategic and financial modeling expertise with the economic and social development experience of our partners to develop cities and urban infrastructure that are economically and socially sustainable. We work with municipal governments and public as well as private organizations to plan and develop urban centers that can support growth, with economic and environmental sustainability. We assist with resolving the critical financial sustainability issues during planning, financing, developing, constructing, and operating urban infrastructure projects.

Strategic & Financial Modeling for Smart City Initiatives

Strategies to Decrease Infrastructure Cost

Strategies for Public-Private Partnerships

Revenue Optimization Strategies

Service Tariff Formulation & Revenue Modeling

Long-term Forecasts & Sustainability Analysis

Public Utilities Tariff Optimization

Public utilities

Utility tariff for public services affects the welfare of communities, economywide resource allocation, as well as the financial performances of public utilities. Utility tariff optimization is critical for good governance, financial sustainability, distributive justice, economic efficiency, and fair pricing.

At ACS, through innovative tariff modeling, we assist utility companies, municipalities, regulators, and donor agencies with achieving financial sustainability and managing affordability issues. We aim to ensure that utility tariffs are simple, transparent, predictable, financially sustainable without subsidies, and promote efficient use of resources.

Public Utility Tariff Design & Modeling

Revenue Transformation Strategies & Revenue Modeling

Long-term Forecasts & Sustainability Analysis