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Instantly enable a High-Performing accounting function...

Cloud accountant plus software plus storage, combined into a single solution at fixed & low monthly cost with no capital expenditure 

Introducing SAS

Discover a whole new way of managing your business accounting... 


Smart Accounting System or SAS is an innovative work collaboration model which enables any small or mid-size business to successfully build a high performing accounting and reporting function, at accurately predictable FIXED monthly cost, with NO capital expenditure.

It is an elegantly simple solution that will put the freedom and power to manage your business right in your pocket





Enable a fully functional accounting department comprising of a cloud team and technology tools, at accurately predictable FIXED monthly cost with NO CAPEX.







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Explore SAS Enablement Steps

Step one

For a Fixed Monthly Fee, signup for a suitable SAS account.


Designed for the varying needs of different business circumstances, SAS has three solution tiers: SAS Complete, SAS Supervise & SAS Collaborate.
To further cater for the need to handle larger transaction volumes and increased operational complexity, each SAS solution tier has layered price plans.

Step two

Explore SAS Enablement

Work with your account manager to configure the system, get login details & receive training.


Meet your dedicated remote team. The accounting software of your choice is configured along with other connected apps.

                   Suitable chart of accounts and processes are established and you receive training to push source data to SAS and to retrieve reports and other information from your new accounting system.

Step three

Start enjoying the revolutionary SAS ECO system.


Now that you are good to go, there is nothing between you and the joys of a fascinatingly efficient accounting system.


Source data sync begins, your accounting transactions are processed and the records get updated. Above all, you get perpetual access to up-to-date and professionally monitored financial statements and accounting records. 

Key SAS Features

SAS Key Features

Online Accounting Software Subscription Included

Dedicated Online Accountant

Cloud Document Storage & Filling System

Sales Orders & Invoices Management

Purchase Orders & Vendor Bills Management

Bank, Customer & Vendor Accounts Reconciliation

Payroll Accounting & Expense Claims Management

Job/Project Accounting & Progress Invoicing

Perpetually UpToDate Financial Statements

Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Review, Analysis & Reports

Specialized Reporting for Banks & Other Third Parties

SAS Advantge

SAS advantage
Selected Value Propositions! 

Predictable, Fixed & Low Monthly Costs

Compared to developing and managing an in-house accounting function.

Access To Word-Class Accounting, Reporting & Analysis Skills

This could be simply impossible for many small-mid size businesses to develop in-house

Replaces All Software Ownership Costs With One Fixed Monthly Payment

The cost of all the software components which your SAS accounts comprises off (accounting software, CRM, time tracking apps, expense authorization apps, procurement management apps, etc. are built into your SAS account

Addresses Technology Obsolescence Challenges

SAS deploys latest cloud technologies, apps, security protocols and best practices. The client can sit back and have the comfort of being on top of the technology ladder constantly.

Enables True Paperless Environment & Addresses Cloud Security

All forms and all supporting documents are kept in fully secure, encrypted and well organized cloud storage. All source documents to any transaction are attached to the particular transaction and are viewable/retrievable through a single click on any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).

Supporting documents and related data are constantly backed up in layered and secure backups ensuring data safety and security.

 Accounting software we work with

Accounting Software we work with

Quick Books




FreshBooks Accounting




Sage Intacct



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Say goodbye to daunting recruitment challenges, expensive training programs, frustratingly long fruition periods and unreliable business information

Get up and running in less than a day. Pushing source information to SAS ECO system is actually easier than passing it on to an in-house accountant. Instantly start to see clean books of accounts and up-to-date reports.


SAS deploys latest versions of world leading cloud accounting software including QuickBooks and Xero. It also replaces your software ownership costs and takes the technology upgradation worries away.


Ready To Optimize?


Take the next step towards optimizing your accounting & finance function. Develop better controls and get clear insight into your business performance.

Explore the
Smart Accounting System

Explore SAS

SAS is a smart business concept created for collaborative accounting and financial operations. Covering all major accounting functions, SAS leverages an intelligent workflow concept and is powered by a well-designed system of apps that are easy to implement and use.

In simple words, SAS is a alternative, cheaper and more efficient way to manage accounting and related function for any small or mid-sized business.

To enable an accounting function, at the very least, a business has to do the following:

Hire an accountant (or a team depending upon the size of the organization)

​Design accounting processes, documents and policies.

Buy hardware (computers and peripherals)

Buy an accounting application (software) and configure it.​

Implement the system.

In majority of the cases, it takes a long time to get all the above pieces in place. The process is expensive and it requires extensive efforts to get to a point where the system produces desired results.​

SAS shortens this journey by managing business accounting with a plug & play like concept.

Instead of taking the five enabling steps given above, you simply signup for a SAS account by paying a small enablement fee followed by an even smaller monthly fee.

Upon signup, SAS experts review your business model and your business environment and expertly devise accounting processes which are most suitable and are aligned with your business objectives.

You are given an option to choose between few of the world-leading cloud accounting software which are then expertly configured for your needs.

​A dedicated team of well-trained smart accountants begin to process your accounting data. Your financial operations become smooth and you get instant access to perpetually updated business reports kept in cloud.

How Smart Accounting System practically works?

How SAS Works

System configuration & enablement

So you decided (possibly through your discussions with ACS solutions agent) which SAS solutions suits you the best and have signed up. Given below is what happens next:


ACS support agent enables your licenses for all apps to be used in your SAS account and you receive login details. For instance, if you have opted for QuickBooks online as your main accounting software, you will receive login details for 05 users license of QuickBooks online plus subscription.

Similarly, your access to all other apps (that are included in your SAS account) is established and you are given login details.

Connectivity enablement testing

All apps and manual processes connected with your SAS account eco system are tested by your dedicated team to ensure if everything is working the way intended. Dummy data and dummy documents are used for a short test run which serves not only the system testing purpose but also further enhances your comfort with the new & improved environment.

Workflow configuration

Using especially developed technology enabled forms as well as a dedicated online interview session (done through video meeting tools) a system workflow map is developed.

Based on the agreed workflow map, ACS support agent will configure your SAS account ecosystem to suit your needs.

Introduction with your team

Your account manager introduces him/herself along with the dedicated team which will (from this point in time) be your own accounting team. All communication channels are configured and are tested to ensure reliability.

System training

ACS success team conducts an extensive training session to empower you with all the related knowledge which you need to fully benefit from your SAS account.

For instance, you are trained on how to extract accounting & business reports out of your cloud accounting system, how to push the source data to the cloud storage and how to use the workflow automation apps like CRM or expense approval utility etc.

System documentation/manual

You receive a copy of agreed system flow documentation which describes all the major links within the value chain.

Confidentiality Assurance

Your confidentiality needs are reassessed (initially these are established during workflow configuration stage) through a senior level review to ensure if 100% compliance has been achieved.

You receive a “let us begin” email

The email serves as a confirmation that we are now ‘good to go’

Beyond Initial Enablement

Now that you are good to go, there is nothing between you and the joys of a fascinatingly efficient accounting system. Given below is how it works from this point onwards:

The opening balances (and also historic data where the contract defines its inclusion) are imported to your new cloud accounting system by your assigned team.

Source data sync begins

It is really very simple and could take many shapes and forms. For instance:

For retail value chains, your POS system is directly linked to your dedicated cloud folders, pushing all your sales data to secure cloud folders.

Your purchase requisition app is linked to your accounting software which pushes your approved requisitions as purchase orders to the accounting system.

Your field services & expense approval app is linked to your accounting software which pushes your approved expenses to the ledger.

Your secretary simply takes snaps of the source documents using her iPhone which automatically sync with your secure cloud document folders.

Your project or sales staff has spreadsheets or similar format information which they need to pass on to accounts for invoicing. Instead of passing on manually to an inhouse accountant, they simply push these to dedicated cloud document folders.

Employees time tracking app is linked to your accounting software.

Remote Accounting Solution Tiers 


Designed for the varying needs of different business circumstances, SAS has three solution tiers

cashflow management 3.jpg
operations managem,ent.jpg
Remote accounting solutions

To enable an End-to-End, fully automated, cloud-based accounting solution, which seeks to take care of the complete accounting activities of any client. Other than a coordination POC (point of contact), the clients do not need to have any in-house accounting or support team.

SAS Complete

To enable a cloud-based accounting solution, which works in collaboration with client's in-house accounting team. Suitable for smaller or mid-size businesses where the clients have small in-house accounting teams and are struggling with getting meaningful output due to capacity constraints.

SAS Collaborate

To enable a cloud-based accounting system where all bookkeeping is done by client’s own accounting team which is trained and is then constantly supervised to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Suitable for smaller or mid-size businesses where the clients have their own in-house accounting teams but are struggling with getting meaningful output due to lack of records reliability, human resource capability and capacity constraints.

SAS Supervise

Price Plans

Price Plans

To cater for the need to handle larger transaction volumes and increased operational complexity, each SAS solution tier has layered price plans:

Essentials Plan

Includes everything a small business needs to enable a cloud accounting system. This plan could be further customized by adding-on additional capabilities.

Advanced Plan

Outgrowing the Essentials Plan, clients could upgrade to an Advanced Plan to gain the ability to handle more volumes and increased complexity. This plan could also be further customized by adding-on additional capabilities.​

Enterprize Plan

Specifically configured for the needs of a typical mid-size business, the Enterprise Plan is a perfect solution for developing an efficient and an all-encompassing accounting & reporting system. This plan could also be further customized by adding-on additional capabilities.

Ultimate Plan

Top of the tier, the Ultimate plan enables a larger mid-size business to tackle further volumes and further complexity. Larger volumes and more complex value chains also need enhanced controls. The Ultimate plan addresses not only the volume and complexity issues but also aims to enhance the related controls environments.

Ready to Deploy Smart Accounting System

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