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Tailor made solutions for financial management 

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Solutions for CFO's Office

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Through innovative service models, we support modern day CFOs to close the capacity and capabilities gaps in their teams.

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As trusted advisors, our goal is to put resource & time constrained CFOs in the best possible position to succeed!

We collaborate with CFOs and their teams to provide 

transformation services

prepare for and execute projects

implement technology solutions

build confidence

support in-depth analysis

provide clarity

enhance financial controls

integrate consistency in financial operations

CFO Support Solutions

If your team members are inundated with day to day financial operations and/or have capacity limitations to support you with Strategic Financial Analysis & Planning activities, team-up with ACS and instantly expand the resources & capabilities at your disposal.

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Strategic Finance & Planning Support

Team up with ACS to enable an in-house corporate development function. Get assistance with developing & implementing strategies for value growth, M&A transactions, dividend policy, and raising equity and debt finance.


Corporate Finance Support

Team up with ACS to perform complex business analysis. We build next-generation financial models for any complexity of M&A or planning & forecasting scenarios.


Financial Modeling & Business Valuation Support

Is your controller on a leave? Or is your finance department going through a strategic change? ACS's CFO Solutions offer consultants with extensive relevant experience. You can put together a finance function adapted to your needs - from ongoing support to management of the whole function. All this for a set monthly price.


CFO or Consultant on Short Notice

Team-up with ACS to get a fresh and unbiased prospective on the effectiveness of your financial systems. Synergize your own expertise with an independent consultant to devise robust processes, control, performance management systems and procedures.

Systems Development Support

Unable to find time for staff training and getting frustrated? ACS is here to help. Through targeted training & skills development programs, we develop core skills which will enable a CFO’s team to support him/her achieve the strategic goals.


Finance & Accounting Skills Training

Get assistance with the choice, procurement, effective implementation and training for world-leading ERP, accounting software, and business management applications.


Technology Implementation Support

Take the next step towards developing a truly world-class finance function for your business !

Optimize your financial operations, enable effective business planning & analysis, implement sound financial controls and get a clear insight into your business performance

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