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Strategic Alignment

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Sustainable business success is achieved through organizational alignment

It means winning through a tightly managed enterprise value chain that connects an enterprise’s purpose to its business strategy, organizational capability, resource architecture and, finally, it's management systems. The enterprise value chain is only as strong as its weakest link. 

Finance is the only team that has a genuine oversight of the whole organization. Finance must lead and put trusted strategic insight in the hands of key decision-makers

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Discussing the Numbers

Sound financial advice, the ability to plan, forecast, measure, and correctly analyze, are the most important elements contributing to organizational alignment

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The components that make up an aligned organization


Critical Question


How clearly is the enterprise purpose defined and how well do all the members of management understand the purpose?


Critical Question


How well does the business strategy fulfill the enterprise purpose?


Critical Question


How well do the organizational capabilities support delivery of the business strategy? 


Critical Question


How well do the available resources enable development of the required organizational capabilities?


Critical Question


​How well do the management systems drive the performance of the valuable resources?

How aligned is your organization? 

Glass Buildings

Most executives know, that their enterprises should be aligned. They know their strategies, organizational capabilities, resources, and management systems should all be arranged to support the enterprise’s purpose. The challenge is that executives tend to focus on one of these areas to the exclusion of the others, but what really matters for performance is how they all fit together.

 Read through to find-out how ACS helps you in achieving this alignment.

Build a winning strategy that is aligned with your enterprise purpose

If the purpose is what the enterprise exists to achieve and why it matters, then the business strategy is planning for what the enterprise must win at to fulfill its purpose. Unlike its purpose, an enterprise’s strategy should flex and morph in response to future opportunities and threats. The degree to which your enterprise’s business strategy fulfills its purpose is the measure of its effectiveness.

Gain access to world-class strategic financial planning & control guidance through an efficient consulting model

Hiring a full-time CFO or a Strategy & Planning Officer is an expansive proposition. As a result, most mid-size businesses either do not hire one or settle for a lower quality resource which in turn fails to deliver. The ability to correctly measure business performance and make all financial operations aligned with strategic objectives are higher-level skills needing higher caliber personnel. A remote CFO should be a world-class professional who can provide the strategic insight, guidance, and transformation impetus that will trigger sustainable success.

Develop business plans to effectively transform resources into capabilities that support the strategy delivery

Strategically aligned enterprises are made capable by their organizational resources, including people, structures, cultures, technology, and work processes, and by the degree to which they are configured to be strategically valuable. A good business plan is not needed only to attract investment. It is a roadmap for configuring & converting your resources into capabilities which in turn will ensure the delivery of your business strategy.  

Build your intellectual & human capital through continuous learning to enhance innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness

No matter how brilliant is the strategy you intend to pursue, it is the collective capabilities of your team that will ensure a successful implementation and achievement of your strategic objectives. Constant investment in training and learning initiatives progressively closes the skills gap, triggers a culture of innovation, provides a sustainable advantage, enhances customer experience, and results in invaluable employee satisfaction & loyalty. 

Leverage the powers of advanced financial modeling to perform complex analysis and produce accurate forecasts

Most accounting systems continue to produce historic information. Whilst that is important for control purposes, it is of little value in forecasting the future. Financial modeling is an invaluable tool for forecasting future financial & business performance, measuring a business's value, evaluating M&A activity, assessing the impact of possible business scenarios, and understanding performance sensitivity to volatile future environmental factors.

At ACS, we work with you to deliver the bold transformation your finance function needs, whether that is a new finance technology, a better operating model, or the expertise to create data-driven insights.

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To build a winning strategy that is aligned with your purpose,
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