A smart alternative to hiring an in-house team of senior finance employees

The concept of Smart CFO has been designed to assist you with running your business more effectively, improving your financial operations, aligning your accounting system and providing you with a clear insight into your business that you always thought was missing. Most importantly, it is designed to cut your business cost.

Smart CFO concept essentially replaces the need (typically for mid-sized to larger mid-sized companies) for hiring an expensive full-time Chief Financial Officer.

Not only it cuts slack time and business cost (payroll, space cost, capital expenditure etc.) for the client but also enables a higher-grade finance human resource which the business could possibly not afford to hire on full time basis i.e. as an employee.

It is simple, it is easy and it is fast

A client engages an ACS CFO Consultant or a whole team comprising of layers of expertise, on a contractual basis. The assigned consultant visits and works at client’s premises at an agreed frequency (typically, once or twice a week). On all other days, the consultant coordinates and works with his team (client’s in-house staff) remotely i.e. sitting in his own office.

Essentially, the consultant becomes an integral part of the client’s team and feels like just another senior employee who also sits in some other office.

Additionally, engage a whole team of smart accountants & finance professionals.

You can expand the scope and get rid of daunting recruitment challenges, expensive training programs and frustratingly long fruition periods. You will get a high-performing, lower cost financial team, a CFO, and the best financial management software on the market, all packaged into one integrated solution.

A Smart CFO is way more efficient and way cheaper option than hiring a full-time professional of similar caliber.

Given below are some of the reasons why this option reduces business cost and enhances your human resource quality.

It eliminates slack time cost i.e. most mid-sized businesses do not have the need (scope of work) for a full-time CFO. 

The client does not have to pay any employee related taxes or pension contributions.

The Smart CFO would not need to be provided with any work tools (computer, mobile phones etc.) or a motor vehicle.

He/She would also not need a dedicated fancy office (which a full-time CFO would normally demand), happily operating out of client’s meeting room or a similar facility.

To ensure that the client’s confidential information is never compromised or passed on to competitors or any un-authorized third parties, ACS deploys water-tight employment contracts (between ACS and its lead CFO Consultants) and enters into contracts with its clients which contain comprehensive confidentiality indemnity clauses.

We take client’s confidentiality as serious as the success of our own business model and have extensive processes in place to ensure that it is never compromised.

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