Customize a frequency and level of engagement which you feel comfortable with!

With flexible service plans, you can try-out a service frequency and level of engagement which you feel comfortable with and then decide what works for you. At ACS, we can accommodate most needs. Given below are some generic plans which could be customized for the individual needs of any client.

Part-time on-site, full-time offsite


The consultant typically visits client’s office once or twice a week and coordinates with client’s accounting/finance team remotely on all other days. This plan is the closest thing to hiring a full-time CFO that a business can have. The consultant acts, feels and behaves like a full-time employee and is thus able to provide a long-term focus.


This plan results in massive savings and much enhanced efficiency & effectiveness.

Part-time on-site


The consultant typically visits client’s office once or twice a week or once or twice a month (depending upon the need). On all other days, the client’s accounting/finance team works under the guidance provided during the visits.


The consultant ensures quality through a continuous process of training and systems implementation. This plan normally results in an even lower cost than the other options.

Systems Development Assignment


The consultant is engaged for a limited time (ranging between one to six months). The consultant works to develop processes, implement systems and train teams with an objective to build in-house capacity.


At the conclusion of the Systems Development Assignment, the consultant is relieved, and client’s team begin to perform independently.

Project Based


The consultant is engaged for a specific project. Examples would include managing the financial aspects of a large-scale project or handling an acquisition/merger transaction.


Upon completion of the project, the consultant is relieved.

Should you pursue the outsourced CFO service model, the continuous achievement of the above mentioned objectives will be demonstrated through following tangible & measurable deliverables:

Clearly defined, accurate, relevant & timely reporting available in a few days after closing the month’s business activities.

Development of a relevant set of KPIs and inclusion & availability of information on all the suggested KPIs in monthly reporting.

Real-time, anytime access to financial and performance reports.


Insights extracted from performance reports that highlight areas of concern, variances from plans, and indicating follow up needed for improvement.


An ability of the client management to regularly discuss in person or virtually through video/conference call with the consultant to seek recommendations on the steps needed for improvement.


Availability of an ongoing business improvement plan that outlines the current strategic position of the business with clear identification of new opportunities and threats in the market.


Availability of strategic as well as detailed operational business plans.


Significant reduction in the cost of financial operations. 

ACS SYNERGY is a global business enablement firm. Transcending borders through technology, it maintains a virtual global presence and serves clients that are based around the world.
With a corporate headquarter in Singapore, the firm operates several online service businesses which are supported by delivery and support centers located at various locations globally.
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ACS is truly global. Wherever in the world your business is located, through effective use of enabling technologies and a healthy network of our global professional consultants, we are able to serve you anywhere and almost everywhere.

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