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Leverage the expertise of a world-class professional

What you should expect from ACS CFO Consultant!

A CFO Consultant, provided by ACS, would be a world-class finance professional having an ‘A’ rated professional qualification and minimum of 15 years of post-qualification experience of working in industry, including significant experience as a CFO for a sizable business organization.


The CFO Consultant would fill-in the resource/expertise gap by performing the following functions for the client organization:


Optimize the systems of financial & business controls.

Evaluate & streamline key finance & business processes.

Develop and manage training programs for the client’s in-house accounting & related staff.

Implement/optimize the accounting software and other finance related ICT tools.

Build and optimize business planning & budgeting processes.

Develop a finance strategy in line with the overall business strategy.

Ensure tax and other regulatory compliance.

Develop an efficient reporting system which produces timely and accurate financial and operational information.

Perform in-depth & continuous business analysis.

Appraise projects & investments.

Build and manage an effective performance management system.

Prepare information & presentations for stakeholders groups including banks and providers of finance.

Create and manage cash flow management systems.

Clearly defined, accurate, relevant & timely reporting available in a few days after closing the month’s business activities.

Development of a relevant set of KPIs and inclusion & availability of information on all the suggested KPIs in monthly reporting.

Real-time, anytime access to financial and performance reports.


Insights extracted from performance reports that highlight areas of concern, variances from plans, and indicating follow up needed for improvement.


An ability of the client management to regularly discuss in person or virtually through video/conference call with the consultant to seek recommendations on the steps needed for improvement.


Availability of an ongoing business improvement plan that outlines the current strategic position of the business with clear identification of new opportunities and threats in the market.


Availability of strategic as well as detailed operational business plans.


Significant reduction in the cost of financial operations. 



Should you pursue the outsourced CFO service model, the continuous achievement of the above mentioned objectives will be demonstrated through following tangible & measurable deliverables:

Take the next step towards developing a truly world-class finance function for your business

Optimize your financial operations, enable effective business planning & analysis, implement sound financial controls and get a clear insight into your business performance

For engaging a Smart CFO, contact ACS today!

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