A smart alternative to hiring an in-house team of senior finance employees

Gain access to world-class strategic financial planning & control guidance at lower cost


We Build & Maintain A High-Performing Finance Department For Your Business


The concept of a Smart CFO has been designed to help your business reach its full potential faster by enabling strategic capabilities, improving your financial operations, stimulating growth, aligning your reporting system with strategic goals and providing you with a clear insight into your business that you always thought was missing. Most importantly, it is designed to cut your business cost.

The Smart CFO essentially replaces the need for hiring an expensive full-time Chief Financial Officer


Your Smart CFO being a world-class professional will enable capabilities that are crucial for success

Understand what KPIs your reporting systems are measuring, how they are measuring and what they should be measuring to monitor achievement of strategic objectives.

Deploy world-class financial & business analysis to unearth and close the gaps between your  critical success factors and your operational focus.

Develop & implement water-tight financial & operations controls. Optimize financial operations and reduce costs.

Ease your cash flow challenges through professional financial management.

Implement suitable budgetary systems and create clear performance scenarios for effective planning.

Make informed investment decisions through world-class projects & investment appraisal.

Stimulate your corporate development function. Gain the ability to effectively pursue and raise equity & debt finance.

Improve the capabilities of your accounting & finance human resource through effective training.

Engage an ACS CFO Consultant or a whole team comprising of layers of expertise, on a contractual basis.


The assigned consultant will visit and work at your business premises at an agreed frequency, typically, once or twice a week.


On all other days, the consultant will coordinate and work with you remotely i.e. sitting in his/her own office.


Leverage the expertise of a world-class professional at lower cost


A Smart CFO is considerably more cost effective and more efficient option than hiring a full-time professional of similar caliber...

Engage a higher-caliber professional to lead your finance team at a much lower cost.

Eliminate slack time cost i.e. most mid-sized businesses do not have the need (scope of work) for a full-time CFO.

Eliminate the cost of employee related taxes or pension contributions (Smart CFO is a consultant and not an employee).

Eliminate the need to provide your CFO with any work tools including computer, mobile phones and a motor vehicle.

Eliminate the need for a dedicated fancy office which a full-time CFO would normally demand.​






ACS is a global service provider with a global team of world-class CFO consultants.


If you do not get a suitable match at your business location, do not compromise on quality, consider having a Remote CFO instead.


ACS works with a sizable team of

world-class CFO consultants based in various major cities, who are able to travel to your business premises if needed.

However, the essence of the service which makes it so efficient is reliance on technology to make it completely virtual.

A Remote CFO is a real person who is located at a different location and works with you remotely through technology tools.


Customize a frequency and level of engagement which you feel comfortable with!


Optimize your financial operations, enable effective business planning & analysis, implement sound financial controls and get clear insight into your business performance

ACS SYNERGY is a global business enablement firm. Transcending borders through technology, it maintains a virtual global presence and serves clients that are based around the world.
With a corporate headquarter in Singapore, the firm operates several online service businesses which are supported by delivery and support centers located at various locations globally.
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ACS is truly global. Wherever in the world your business is located, through effective use of enabling technologies and a healthy network of our global professional consultants, we are able to serve you anywhere and almost everywhere.

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