Instantly enable a High-Performing accounting function...

Cloud accountant plus software plus storage, combined into a single solution at fixed & low monthly cost with no capital expenditure 

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Smart Accounting System


Introducing SAS

Discover a whole new way of managing your business accounting... 

Smart Accounting System or SAS is an innovative work collaboration model which enables any small or mid-size business to successfully build a high performing accounting and reporting function, at accurately predictable FIXED monthly cost, with NO capital expenditure.

It is an elegantly simple solution that will put the freedom and power to manage your business right in your pocket





Enable a fully functional accounting department comprising of a cloud team and technology tools, at accurately predictable FIXED monthly cost with NO CAPEX.







Explore SAS Enablement Steps

Step one

For a Fixed Monthly Fee, signup for a suitable SAS account.


Designed for the varying needs of different business circumstances, SAS has three solution tiers: SAS Complete, SAS Supervise & SAS Collaborate.
To further cater for the need to handle larger transaction volumes and increased operational complexity, each SAS solution tier has layered price plans.

Step TWO

Work with your account manager to configure the system, get login details & receive training.


Meet your dedicated remote team. The accounting software of your choice is configured along with other connected apps.


Suitable chart of accounts and processes are established and you receive training to push source data to SAS and to retrieve reports and other information from your new accounting system.

step three

Start enjoying the revolutionary SAS ECO system.


Now that you are good to go, there is nothing between you and the joys of a fascinatingly efficient accounting system.


Source data sync begins, your accounting transactions are processed and the records get updated. Above all, you get perpetual access to up-to-date and professionally monitored financial statements and accounting records. 

Key SAS Features

Online Accounting Software Subscription Included

Cloud Document Storage & Filling System

Purchase Orders & Vendor Bills Management

Payroll Accounting & Expense Claims Management

Dedicated Online Accountant

Sales Orders & Invoices Management

Bank, Customer & Vendor Accounts Reconciliation

Job/Project Accounting & Progress Invoicing

Perpetually UpToDate Financial Statements

Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Review, Analysis & Reports

Specialized Reporting for Banks & Other Third Parties

SAS Advantage

Selected Value Propositions! 

  • Predictable, Fixed & Low Monthly Costs

    Compared to developing and managing an in-house accounting function.

  • Access To Word-Class Accounting, Reporting & Analysis Skills

    This could be simply impossible for many small-mid size businesses to develop in-house

  • Replaces All Software Ownership Costs With One Fixed Monthly Payment

    The cost of all the software components which your SAS accounts comprises off (accounting software, CRM, time tracking apps, expense authorization apps, procurement management apps, etc. are built into your SAS account

  • Addresses Technology Obsolescence Challenges.

    SAS deploys latest cloud technologies, apps, security protocols and best practices. The client can sit back and have the comfort of being on top of the technology ladder constantly.

  • Enables True Paperless Environment & Addresses Cloud Security.

    All forms and all supporting documents are kept in fully secure, encrypted and well organized cloud storage. All source documents to any transaction are attached to the particular transaction and are viewable/retrievable through a single click on any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).

    Supporting documents and related data are constantly backed up in layered and secure backups ensuring data safety and security.


Accounting Software We Work With

Quick Books



Sage Intacct



Say goodbye to daunting recruitment challenges, expensive training programs, frustratingly long fruition periods and unreliable business information

Get up and running in less than a day. Pushing source information to SAS ECO system is actually easier than passing it on to an in-house accountant. Instantly start to see clean books of accounts and up-to-date reports.


SAS deploys latest versions of world leading cloud accounting software including QuickBooks and Xero. It also replaces your software ownership costs and takes the technology upgradation worries away.


Ready To Optimize?


Take the next step towards optimizing your accounting & finance function. Develop better controls and get clear insight into your business performance.


Ready to Deploy Smart Accounting System

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