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Power Excel

For Data Analytics & Power BI

Three Days Power Packed Excel Training Program

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Give your MS Excel skills a power boost!

Learn out new ways to increase the sophistication of your data reporting and business intelligence.

Keen to breakthrough to real mastery?

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Scheduled to be delivered by one of the finest trainers on the subject area in Pakistan.


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Power Excel For Data Analytics & Power B

Program Overview & Objectives


This training program aims to impart advanced-level data analysis skills using spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) to a broad range of users to help them become proficient at it. In Today’s Challenging environment, one of the most significant skill for Business Leaders & Finance Professionals is their ability to quickly analyze, summarize & report on the available data. Microsoft Excel is an important tool which makes such an analysis possible for any business decision maker. When efficiently applied it becomes a powerful tool, allowing you to manipulate vast amounts of data, automate tasks, and present complex information however you see fit.


Keeping in view the significance of MS Excel for Data Analytics, ACS Training Company, has developed a high powered three days training program to assist a wide range of professionals with mastering the Excel data analysis skills at a Pro-Level. The fundamental focus of this program is to provide a detailed understanding of how Excel can be utilized as a very powerful tool for Data Analytics & to develop a solid understanding of the concept of ‘Self-service Business Intelligence’ with Microsoft Excel.


The participants will acquire in-depth knowledge of the power tools available in Excel (Power Query, Power Pivot, Data Modeling, DAX, Power View & Power Map), igniting their interest for continuing skill development in this vital area. This workshop will enable Excel users to design & automate the process, with increased productivity and reduction in manual work.

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For Data Analytics & Power BI

Give your MS Excel skills a power boost!

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Program Benefits

It will equip you with the power features of Excel such as Power Query, Power Pivot, DAX, Data Modeling, Power View and Power Map.

Develop a unique combination of working with two formula languages, i.e. Excel and DAX.

Gain ability to automate routine and laborious tasks without learning complex VBA coding & Macros.

Learn to create  dashboards with multiple methods such as Pivot Charts, Advanced Formulas, Power Pivot, and Power View.

Take the excel skills from traditional Excel specific features to the Advanced level power features.

It’s a step in moving towards next level of performing data analysis using Microsoft Power BI.

Develop a unique skill-set in both Traditional Excel and Power Excel.

Connect Excel directly with databases with refreshable data connections.

Time efficiency, Process Automation, increased productivity and reduction in manual work.

Stand out from the crowd and advance in your career.

Key Highlights of takeaways
Architectural Structure

Key Highlights of Program 


Detailed understanding of how Excel can be utilized as a very powerful tool for Data Analytics.

Capability to design smart dashboards in Excel with multiple methods.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data with Power Query and create refreshable ETL processes.

Creating data models & understanding table relationships.

Solving Data Analysis problems with Excel as well as with more advanced formula language i.e. DAX.

Self-service Business Intelligence with Excel.

Creation of smart reports and dashboards from multiple data sources and with multiple tables.

Answers (with comprehensive solutions) to the practical problems of the participants.


Power Excel Training Program Outline

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