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Powerful Tips to Stay Positive During Pandemic


We all are fighting a tough battle of Corona. The pandemic made everything dark and gloomy, even the most optimistic ones started to talk hopelessly. The virus wasn’t only capable of causing severe illness and death, it also changed the way of living. People stopped meeting each other, and everyone was afraid to even shake a hand. Corona brought drastic long-term changes to how we live and work.

Of course, we need to take precautions, but there is no need to spread distressing Covid news all day long. All we need to do is roll out positive energies so that folks can see a silver lining amidst the chaos.

Dr. Nasir Javid is the finest psychiatrists who shared an interesting video with us in which he talked about the power of positive energies. By developing those energies, we can live a happy and healthy life.

The Concept of Energy

In this video, Dr. Nasir Javid says that we all share energies whenever we meet and greet each other. The energy we share collectively at festivals, concerts, and theaters boosts our mood, whereas solitude and isolation bring about melancholy.

Power this energy possesses

It often happens that we value the belongings of our dear ones, as we feel a connection with them. Even if the person isn’t with us, the bond continues to exist. It is because that object holds the energy; it keeps our loved one alive in our hearts. So, we are nothing but energy. Whenever we meet someone, handshake with them, or offer them something, we are transferring the energies.

Heart the seed of Energy

The seed of this energy is in our heart from where we transmit it. We have both energies within us, the positive and negative. What we have to do is to manage them and spread the positive energies to spend a healthy life. It does not only benefit us in living a healthy life but makes other people around us happy too.

Golden words

Dr.Nasir Javid concludes the video by saying his golden words - let's be a WIFI router of happy energy and spread it all around us!


In the time of this pandemic, what we need the most is an optimistic behavior to survive. Nasir Javid explains the concept and importance of positive energy; how we can develop it, and how to use it to lead a healthy and happy life.

Have you experienced depression and negativity in this pandemic?

If yes comment with Yes in the comments section.



Dr. Nasir Javed

Head of Public Sector Consulting | ACS Consulting | An ACS SYNERGY Company

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