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Doing To-Do List the Right Way to Work Smart and Achieve Result


Every professional needs to write down his/her To-Do tasks to keep a grip over the things on hand. But at times, whilst making such a list we get overwhelmed with an endless stream of tasks that we want to note down and we cannot seem to decide where to begin. As a result, our effectiveness and efficiency at work suffer and we are unable to produce any visible results.

In order to make effective use of To-Do list we will discuss here under the best approaches which has been proposed by management gurus of all time.

1. First Things First:

Stephen Covey gave this model which require to prioritize tasks on the basis of following criteria;

  • First the most IMPORTANT and URGENT

  • Then the jobs that are IMPORTANT and not urgent

  • Thirdly, those that are not important but URGENT

  • Finally, do not waste time on tasks that are not important and not urgent.

2. 80 - 20 Rule:

Pareto sets out this principle in 1896 which implies that

  • Only 20% of your actions cause 80% of the results.