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What is SAS?

To enable an accounting function, at the very least, a business has to do the following:

Hire an accountant (or a team depending upon the size of the organization)

Design accounting processes, documents and policies.

Buy hardware (computers and peripherals)

Buy an accounting application (software) and configure it.​

Implement the system.

SAS is a smart business concept created for collaborative accounting and financial operations. Covering all major accounting functions, SAS leverages an intelligent workflow concept and is powered by a well-designed system of apps that are easy to implement and use.

In simple words, SAS is a alternative, cheaper and more efficient way to manage accounting and related function for any small or mid-sized business.



In majority of the cases, it takes a long time to get all the above pieces in place. The process is expensive and it requires extensive efforts to get to a point where the system produces desired results.​

SAS shortens this journey by managing business accounting with a plug & play like concept.


Instead of taking the five enabling steps given above, you simply signup for a SAS account by paying a small enablement fee followed by an even smaller monthly fee.

Upon signup, SAS experts review your business model and your business environment and expertly devise accounting processes which are most suitable and are aligned with your business objectives.

You are given an option to choose between few of the world-leading cloud accounting software which are then expertly configured for your needs.

​A dedicated team of well-trained smart accountants begin to process your accounting data. Your financial operations become smooth and you get instant access to perpetually updated business reports kept in cloud.

What you get for the Enablement fee?

By paying a fixed monthly fee, you get the following, rolled into a single solution:

  • A world leading cloud accounting software and secure cloud storage


  • Dedicated online accountant (or a team of accountants)


  • Transactions processing/recording, accounts reconciliation & records maintenance


  • Customer accounts statements distribution


  • Maintenance of perpetually up-to-date business & management reports


  • Monthly closing & expert review report

In short, you get a completely paperless, fully-functional accounting department which is also instantly scalable.

How SAS is better?

How SAS is better than a traditional in-house accounting department?



With SAS, there is no need to hire accountants, train them, supply them with hardware, office space, electricity and internet. All this result into massive savings.

SAS is made up of layered expertise i.e. from bookkeepers to world-class CFO consultants. With a small monthly fee, you get instant access to professional accounting, expert review and controls. To build this internally would be nearly impossible for smaller businesses.

SAS enables a truly paperless environment. Your entire accounting department is placed in a secure cloud which you can access from anywhere in the world using any computer or mobile.

SAS deploys the latest versions of cloud accounting software and thus takes the technology upgradation worries away.

With SAS, you can leverage many on-demand services including business plans development, complex financial modelling and investors presentations.    

Ready to Deploy Smart Accounting System

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