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Any business size, industry, and life-cycle stage!
Get a complete valuation model and investor grade pitch deck in a matter of few days

Leverage our deep experience in valuing, modeling, and analyzing business interests and their underlying assets

We provide transformative insights to turn critical and complex issues into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term advantage

Business valuation is a complex and sometimes controversial subject. It requires an in-depth understanding of the economic & industry trends, the asset and its competitors, together with financial and non-financial information, as well as factors such as the legal and regulatory environment. Effective valuation advice combines the right blend of analysis, experience, and professional judgment.
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My name is Kashif Javaid

I am a business valuation expert &

Managing Director at ACS Synergy South Asia.

My name is Dilip Patel

I am a business valuation expert &

Managing Director at ACS Synergy United Kingdom.

In professional corporate finance careers spanning well over two decades, we have performed hundreds of business valuations, managed multiple IPOs, and guided many business mergers across a range of industries, business size, and lifecycle stages.