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Business Plan Purpose

A detailed & professionally written business plan is the first step which admits an entrepreneur to the investment seeking process.


Without a plan furnished in advance, many investor groups won’t even grant an interview. And the plan must be outstanding if it is to win investment funds.

However, a good business plan is not needed only to attract investment.

It is a road-map for configuring & converting your resources into capabilities which in turn will ensure delivery of your business strategy. Also, invariably, all potential investors will always seek such a road-map.


Winning Plan Recipe

Do you know how to create a winning business plan?

Whether you are starting up a new business, seeking additional capital for existing product lines, or proposing a new activity in a corporate division, you will never face a more challenging writing assignment than the preparation of a good business plan.

My name is Mohammad Kashif Javaid

and I am ACS Consulting's founder & CEO.


In a professional career spanning well over two decades, I have helped hundreds of startups and growth seeking established businesses with developing winning business plans.

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No matter how brilliant is your business idea, only a

well-conceived and well-packaged business plan can win the necessary investment and support for your idea.

The plan must describe the company or proposed project accurately and attractively. Even though its subject is a moving target, the plan must detail the company’s or the project’s present status, current needs, and expected future. You must present and justify ongoing and changing resource requirements, marketing decisions, financial projections, production demands, and personnel needs in a logical and convincing fashion.

Too many business plans are written solely from the viewpoint of entrepreneurs.

This is by far is the most common mistake. It neglects the view point of the constituencies that give the venture its financial viability i.e. the market and the investors.


It is extremely important to satisfy the needs of marketers and investors. Marketers want to see evidence of customer interest and a viable market. Investors want to know when they can cash out and how good the financial projections are.


How ACS helps you with your business plan creation!

Client Tailored Service

ACS Business Plans is a knowledge based Tailored Business Service. It is not a template for minor customization and mass delivery.

Whilst Business Planning Software could be a useful tool for organization & presentation, no software could provide you with the expertise needed to create a plan for success. Yet software vendors continue to over-advertise the claimed benefits.
Given below is broad outline of how we go about creating a winning business plan for your business.

4 Steps Plan Creation Process



Critical Points

1.   We build an understanding of your business idea or your existing business model

2.   We build an understanding of the dynamics of your target market

3.   We build an understanding of the expectations of your investors



Critical Points

1.   We establish how to emphasize the market & user benefits of product/service

2.   We establish how to gauge market interest

3.   We build an outline of your existing capabilities and those that you need to develop

4.   We establish how best to address investor's needs



Critical Points

1.   We establish market size and calculate forecast revenues and all enabling as well as operating costs

2.   We create a cash flow forecast and establish the potential value of the venture

3.   We calculate funding needs and equity value which the investors should be offered

STEP four


Critical Points

1.   We ensure to create a winning executive summery

2.   We ensure that the plan addresses the investor's, market's as well as the entrepreneur's prospective


3.   We ensure that the plan includes highest standard financial models


4.   We ensure that the plan is error free and is presented with stunning design and formatting  


Attributes that distinguish a winning business plan created by ACS!

Strategic Alignment

Providing you with a clear road-map to effectively transform your resources into capabilities that will support the strategy delivery

Detailed Financial Models

World-class dynamic financial models which provide quantitative analysis and effectively back up the claims made in the plan

Winning Summery

Executive & financial summaries written professionally to entice interest, effectively explain and address all concerns 

Stunning Presentation

With world-class design & formatting, ACS business plans look & feel extremely professional and are presentable at any forum


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With a corporate headquarter in Singapore, the firm operates several online service businesses which are supported by delivery and support centers located at various locations globally.

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