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At, we understand how important it is to ensure that client data is never compromised at our delivery centers

We therefore invest heavily in IT, Security, Infrastructure, People & Training. Robust measures are in place to ensure that all of our clients’ data is completely secure and their minds are at ease and peace

Mentioned below are some of the measures

and security protocols that we enforce

Physical And People Security

  • Rigorous screening, recruitment and training processes

  • Strict physical access control

  • Dedicated infrastructure for each employee

  • Dedicated employees assigned to each client

  • Annual Background checks for each employee

  • Contracts and non-disclosure agreements

  • Data breach awareness training programs


IS And Network Security

  • User access controls

  • Firewalls

  • Security assessments

  • Regular data backups

  • Disabled external drives

  • Secured workstations requiring mandatory passwords

  • Biometric access controls to enter the operations floor

people security.jpg

Process Security

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with clients

  • Strict data use and retention policies

  • Quarterly quality audits

  • Paperless environment

  • Policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain and correct data security violations

network security.jpg

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