For Accounting & Consulting Firms

Get a dedicated team of well-trained online accountants & finance professionals to assist you with serving your clients.

Build a sustainable competitive advantage through reduced costs, increased flexibility and improved quality.


 Client Bookkeeping, Financial Statements & Consolidation Support

 Client Transactions Processing Services Support

 Audit & Assurance Assignments Support

 Tax Accounts & Tax Forms Preparation Support

 Annual Reports & Financial Statements Design & Production

 Financial Modelling, Analysis, Forecasting & Business Valuation

 Business Planning & Investor Presentations Support

 Mergers & Acquisitions, IPO Assignments Support

 Virtual CFO Assignments Support

 Complete Back-Office For Accounting & Consulting Firms


Purpose Built, Secure & Technology Enabled Back-office/Delivery Centers.

Strong Human Resource Base Comprising Of World Recognized Accounting Qualifications Holders, Elaborate Training & Development Processes, Strategic Relationship With Leading HR Firms, Universities & Professional Bodies.

Strategic Relationship With Few Leading Global IT Firms Which Coupled With Our In-house Technology

Capabilities Safeguard Against Technology Lag.

World-class Technology Based Information Access Controls & A Strong In-house Legal Team To Enforce Employee Confidentially Contracts.


Transaction Units Based Model

The transaction units based model refers to an engagement model where payment to ACS SYNERGY is based on the number of transactions that have been processed for the client.

ACS SYNERGY will set a baseline price based on the complexity of transactions and billing will be done on the volume of transactions processed per type of transaction.




Simple transactions

Moderate complexity transactions

Complex transactions



1. Payment to ACS  SYNERGY is directly linked to the output. This allows clients the flexibility to adjust the service volumes based on business cycles.

2. Transfer the risk of variability in business activity to ACS SYNERGY. Clients can reduce financial wastage as they pay only for what they use.

3. Induces a high level of transparency in transactions. This forces ACS SYNERGY and the client to continuously improve the processes.

Full-Time Equivalent Based Model

Our most popular outsourcing model is one in which the client pays for the inputs made by the supplier; namely, resource time and materials.


ACS SYNERGY agrees on a standard price per FTE, then billing is completed based on the number of FTEs deployed for the client.



1. The price will be based on the expertise of the resources deployed, complexity of tasks performed, degree of domain experience etc.

2. Fixed pricing even if transaction levels are subject to a high degree of fluctuation.

3. Ease of implementation and is readily compatible with any type of organization and any type of process.

4. Through process improvements the supplier can reduce the number of FTE's deployed for the client thereby giving a cost saving to the client.


Make a change to a connected world!


Free yourself from recruitment, training and administration tasks by relying on our teams of qualified accountants and better workflow systems

Gain flexibility to serve your clients. Reduce costs and enhance service quality & delivery speed

Resolve your scalability issues and serve a much larger client base

Stay informed. Our snapshot performance reports are concise, consistent and easy to understand

Get back your time. Sleep well knowing your data is secure, yet accessible 24/7


Use your newfound freedom to spend more time with your clients and apply your savings to the things that matter most to help your business grow


At, we understand how important it is to ensure that client data is never compromised at our delivery centers

We therefore invest heavily in IT, Security, Infrastructure, People & Training. Robust measures are in place to ensure that all of our clients’ data is completely secure and their minds are at ease and peace

Mentioned below are some of the measures and security protocols that we enforce:

ACS SYNERGY is a global business enablement firm. Transcending borders through technology, it maintains a virtual global presence and serves clients that are based around the world.
With a corporate headquarter in Singapore, the firm operates several online service businesses which are supported by delivery and support centers located at various locations globally.
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ACS is truly global. Wherever in the world your business is located, through effective use of enabling technologies and a healthy network of our global professional consultants, we are able to serve you anywhere and almost everywhere.

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