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Developed for seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs to re-energize and sharpen business planning, analysis and management skills, without going back to the business school, in just FIVE DAYS

A High-Powered Executive Training Program


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A High-Powered, Executive Training Program Developed for seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs to  re-energize and sharpen business planning, analysis and management skills, without going back to the business school, in just FIVE DAYS 
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Overview- 05 Days MBA

Workshop Overview

How you do business is changing fast.


Competition is more fierce than ever. How well you can grasp and handle data, reduce risks, and manage people, processes, and new technology is being tested daily. Prepare yourself to innovate, strategize, and lead with success.

05 Days MBA is a compact yet powerful training program especially designed for seasoned business executives as well as entrepreneurs.

This hands-on, 5-day immersive course, filled with case studies, exercises, and activities, offers you the unique opportunity to learn what every business must do i.e. cut costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risks.


With an objective to re-energize and sharpen business planning, analysis and management skills, without going back to the business school, the program is delivered through five packed training sessions usually scheduled over consecutive Tuesdays.

The program comprises of interactive presentations and discussion sessions covering a wide range of subjects related to strategy & business management. The participants will learn and refresh their understanding of key strategic planning, business analysis and performance management issues.

Upon completing this training program, you can expect to regain/energize the ability to see through your business more clearly and more objectively.

With the luxury of having many years of hard earned experience behind you, re-visiting the concepts, frameworks and tools, that you possibly once studied at the business school will have a synergistic effect. All theoretical concepts will start to make more sense and will suddenly appear more relevant to your professional lives than you ever thought.

Also, if you have missed-out on recent new developments in the management theory & concepts, this program aims to effectively bridge that gap by updating your knowledge with the crux of developments ever since you left formal education.

How You Will Benefit By Attending This 


Know your numbers to make sound business decisions fast.

Learn how to do effective business planning based on all-round business analysis.

Learn how to measure & manage business performance.

Communicate and collaborate more effectively with your team, management, and other stakeholders.

Improve the way you manage people, processes, and risks to drive projects and create value for your organisation.

Enhance creativity and innovation in your team to develop new solutions to old problems and respond to changing customer expectations.

Sharpen your leadership skills with actionable tips and tools.

How you will benefit-05 Days MBA

Who Should Attend

All business professionals who need a well-rounded, practical, actionable set of skills and tools to enhance analytical, personal, professional, and business acumen and make sound business decisions.

Outline- 05 Days MBA

Workshop Outline

Day One:

Focus On Business Strategy

1. Revising The Business Strategy Basics

2. Understanding Business Environment & Competitive Forces

3. Understanding Internal Resources, Capabilities & Competencies

4. Strategies For Competitive Advantage

5. Understanding Strategic Planning Process

6. Methods of Strategic Development

Day Two:

Focus On Risk, Business Value, Structures & Processes

1. Understanding The Relationship Between Risk & Returns

2. Understanding Major Sources of Business Risk & Ways To Mitigate , Minimize & Eliminate Risk

3. Identify Ways a Business Creates & Builds Value

4. Understanding Organisational Structures

5. Understanding Business Process Change & How To Manage It

Day Three:

Focus On Financial Analysis & Planning

1. Fundamentals of Business Accounting

2. How To Read Financial Statements

3. Fundamentals of Financial Analysis

4. Fundamentals of Budgeting & Forecasting

5. Fundamentals of Business Valuation

Day Four :

Focus On Marketing, Innovation & Project Management

1. Revisiting The Marketing Fundamentals i.e. Understanding The Five Ps of Marketing: Positioning, Product, Price, Place, & Promotion

2. Creating Customer Value & Cultivate Relationships

3. Explore The Impact of Social Media

4. Understanding The Difference Between Creativity & Innovation

5. Tips & Tools To Develop Creative & Innovative Thinking Around Products & Services

6. Project Management Basics

Day Five :

Focus On Performance Management, Teams & Quality

1. Understanding Performance Management

2. Human Resource Performance Measurement & Management

3. Exploring The Differences Between Leading & Managing

4. Understanding Quality

5. Avoiding Corporate Failure

Curriculum Summary


05 Days MBA is an executive training program covering a wide range of subject areas.

On day one we will take a deep dive into strategic planning process, breaking it down into understanding our business environment, understanding the competitive forces in that environment and methods of finding competitive advantage by leveraging our strengths and overcoming our weaknesses.

From day two onwards, we will move systematically from broader strategic picture to understanding business & organisational structures, business processes, financial analysis, financial statements review, budgeting & forecasting, marketing fundamentals and project management.

Day five will be entirely dedicated to performance management, including qualitative performance measures, human resource aspects of performance management, concept of quality and predicating & preventing corporate failure.

Curriculum-05 Days MBA
Fee & Schedule- 05 Days MBA

Fee & Schedule

​Next available session:  


Delivered On: 

05 Consecutive Tuesdays


10:00 am To 4:00 pm

Mandatory Modules:

Five (27 Courses)

Program Fee:


Course material + ACS Certificate


Lunch + Tea + Coffee + Water



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