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Advanced Corporate Solutions is a Business Consulting, Business Management Technologies Enablement, Business Process Outsourcing and Human Capital Development Company.

Originally founded and developed by a group of seasoned business, finance and information technology professionals, it synergizes modern business management & analysis skills, in-depth accounting & reporting expertise and deep understanding of business strategy development with cutting edge business automation technologies to help its clients become high performance businesses, across all industrial sectors.

With a primary focus on helping businesses achieve sustainable growth, our strategy builds on our expertise in consulting, business management technologies and outsourcing to help clients perform at the highest levels. Using our industry knowledge, service expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the world.

Serving clients in three different continents through its strategically located delivery centers, ACS has true global footprint and delivery capabilities.

Development TimeLine


March 25th

March 25th: ACS Formed

Three colleagues working for a region's leading technology company teamed up and established ACS as a consulting company bases in Dubai UAE.

July 16thth

July 16thth: First Project Delivered

ACS successfully delivered its first consulting project by implementing an ERP system at a large food processing organization in UAE.


Feb 08th

Feb 08th: ACS established an Office in Doha, Qatar

To serve a wider client base across middle east, ACS brach office was established in Doha Qatar.

Sep 12th

Sep 12th: ACS started serving clients in UK.

ACS formed a strategic allience with a nationwide UK accounting practice to serve as its back office.


March 03th

March 03th: The Current CEO joined ACS

Current ACS CEO joined ACS as an independent board member


Mar 12th

Mar 12th: The Current CEO appointed as CEO

The Current CEO joined ACS as a fulltime officer and was appointed as CEO by the board.

May 08th

May 08th: ACS built its dedicated back office

To assist an ever increasing operation, ACS developed a purpose built back office facility based in Lahore, Pakistan


Feb 03th

Feb 03th: ACS started to operate as a consulting company in Pakistan

ACS started to serve corporate clients in Pakistan where historically it had operated only a back office.


Mar 12th

Mar 12th: First E-commerce client

ACS entered into a strategic relation with one of middle east's leading ecommerce companies to serve as it business consultant, technology partner and provider of operational support.


Jul 05th

Jul 05th: ACS opened branch office in United States

ACS established a branch office based in Los Angeles, USA


Aug 12th

Aug 12th: ACS opened branch office in Canada

ACS established a branch office based in Ontario, Canada.

For Business Enquiries

You can send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you shortly, or you can call at our main telephone line +1 416 648 6348


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